You can easily make "Agari", which is a purveyor of sushi restaurants, at home.

The meal is finished off with tea.
Good tea enhances the taste of food even more.

It is a gem that you can enjoy the taste of high-class tea at a low price.

In the process of carefully selecting and processing hot water gyokuro from Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, the
selected powdered tea is used as the main ingredient.
It is characterized by its vivid green light blue color and mellow taste.
It is a popular product that is used regularly by local restaurants, sushi restaurants, and Japanese inns .

Just strain it with a commercially available tea strainer
You can also put an appropriate amount in a tea bag and enjoy it easily and deliciously as a tea bag.

    About the product
    name tea powder
    Raw material name Green tea (domestic)
    Internal capacity 150g
    expiry date About 10 months after the date of manufacture, please enjoy as soon as possible after opening.
    Preservation method Avoid high temperatures and humidity, and be careful of scents
    Seller Searching for delicious tea (Uji tea garden)

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