do you know? Surprising Japanese Tea Ingredients and Benefits

by 高岡竜馬


I have heard that Japanese tea is good for the body, but what kind of ingredients and effects does it have?

Japanese tea (green tea) is effective in preventing cancer.
It's a famous story, but there are many other ingredients and effects that are good for the body.

Today, I will introduce the amazing ingredients and benefits of Japanese tea (green tea).

Catechin is probably the most famous component of Japanese tea.
Catechin is a component that is mainly responsible for the astringency and bitterness of tea, and has antibacterial properties.

It is a happy ingredient for those who are concerned about fat, excess fat, and metabolic syndrome.

・Flavonoids <br> Prevents bad breath and prevents tooth decay with the power of fluorine.
In addition, it has various effects such as strong antioxidant action, detox action, anti-aging, and blood smoothness, and is said to be ideal for preventing lifestyle-related diseases.

・Caffeine I raise memory, concentration and raise the efficiency of study and the work.
It is also famous for its drowsiness and diuretic effects, but in recent years, it has become clear that it enhances the function of the autonomic nervous system and improves motor nerves.

・Vitamin C
It is also good for skin beauty, anti- blemish effect and stress relief.
It is also famous for increasing immunity, and it has the effect of preventing colds, as well as bacteria and viruses from entering the body.

・Tannin <br>The detoxification and bactericidal effects prevent food poisoning. Gargling with tea can also help prevent colds and flu.

・Polyphenol <br> Experiments have shown that polyphenol prevents arteriosclerosis and heart disease, repels bad bacteria, and increases good bacteria.

・Theanine <br>Theanine is the umami component unique to Japanese tea. It is said that it is good for stress relief as well as relaxation effect.

Japanese tea is an alkaline sugar-free drink.
By drinking tea every day, there are many nice effects such as dieting besides these.
Of course, a healthy diet and moderate exercise are essential, but let's continue to drink Japanese tea (green tea) as part of your life.

Exploring deliciousness Ochanosato Manager: Tatsuma Takaoka