A new series "Hojicha no Sato" appears in the popular cream roll "Matcha no Sato"

by 高岡竜馬


From our popular product " Matcha no Sato ", which won the first place on Rakuten Ichiba, "Hojicha no Sato" is now available as a new series.

Hojicha no Sato debuts

A delicious harmony of bittersweet and fragrant hojicha cream and sakuri dough.

A lightly sweetened cream with a rich hojicha aroma and taste.
Enjoy your new adult sweets.

We are currently holding a trial sale.
For orders placed by Saturday, July 30, 2022,
4 bag set with 8 bottles Total 32 bottles Regular price 1,450 yen (tax included) ⇒ 1,300 yen (tax included) *Free shipping

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Beniharuka Glacé 100g 3 bag set

Beni Haruka from Kagoshima Prefecture is made into a delicious bite-sized glasse.

This sweet is made from 100% Beni Haruka potatoes grown in the vast land of Kagoshima Prefecture under the abundant sunlight .
Enjoy the moist, fluffy texture and rich sweetness.

Red Haruka Glasse

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Chiran tea from Chiran, Kagoshima prefecture 100g 2 bags set

New tea from Chiran, Kagoshima Prefecture, picked in early May 2022.
It is characterized by its strong aroma and mellow taste, and the quality is above the price point.
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Chiran Tea from Chiran, Kagoshima Prefecture
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Deep-steamed new tea from Chiran 100g 2 bags set

Chiran new tea with a strong aroma and rich flavor.
You can enjoy it deliciously even with cold water.
Deep-steamed new tea from Chiran, Kagoshima
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