At Uji Chaen, we support the national campaign "COOL CHOICE (= smart choice)" to combat global warming.

by 高岡竜馬


Towards a low-carbon society with delicious tea

Tea leaves are said to have the effect of storing carbon dioxide absorbed during the process of tea tree growth.

Pursuit of deliciousness Ochanosato sells only delicious tea leaves from excellent tea production areas nationwide, and aims to create a low-carbon society so that as many people as possible can consume tea.

In addition, each staff is practicing what they can do in their daily work, such as power saving in the store, cool biz, warm biz.
We will continue to do what we can to help create a low-carbon society.

Delicious quest Ochanosato (Uji tea garden) COOL CHOICE endorsement certificate

Ministry of the Environment: "COOL CHOICE" Global warming countermeasures, energy saving, ecological "smart choice"